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Turning Practitioner
Access & Engagement Spending 

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Into Healthcare Funding

The first step to connecting global healthcare for good.


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We empower practitioners to leverage their value to healthcare organisations, driving rapid healthcare innovation for the benefit of everyone.


Healthcare practitioners are getting burnt out trying to provide the best care they can with the time and funding they are given, and need new revenue streams.

Healthcare organisations spend billions every year attempting to engage practitioners to improve healthcare while still struggling to shake an image of “money first, care later.”


By providing meaningful incentives for practitioners to drive healthcare innovation through their engagement with healthcare organisations, we can create a better healthcare future for everyone.

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Our technology creates shared value for everyone in the healthcare ecosystem by creating a new market we call

Purposeful Healthcare Engagement™

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Healthcare Practitioners

"Harness your complete value STAT!"

  • Free-to-use platform that turns compulsory CPD and industry consulting into funding for you and your patients

  • Increase fees and create new services and revenue streams without increasing patient costs.

  • You choose what you want to learn about or who you want to connect with and help.

  • Turn dead time (cancelled appointments) into paid time.

  • Utilise innovative tools to help you Earn, Learn and Give more.

Healthcare Organisations

"Supercharge your growth, STAT!"

  • Instant access to qualified healthcare practitioner leads

  • Faster, better and more cost-effective engagement

  • Reduced overheads and need for extensive practitioner engagement teams

  • Access to game-changing practitioner insights and engagement data

  • Billed only for the time you spend engaging with practitioners.

  • An effective platform to Accelerate Your Impact as you contribute to a thriving healthcare ecosystem.



"Afford the best care STAT!"

  • A free product that reduces out-of-pocket healthcare costs by simply downloading and signing up

  • Financially incentivises learning how to improve your, your family's and your community's health.

  • Pay Less for Better healthcare from who you trust, when you need them.

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A higher-purpose approach to solving global healthcare's biggest problems. 

STAT harnesses technology to deliver sustainable value to everyone in the healthcare system – the public, practitioners and healthcare organisations. In doing so, we are turning today's healthcare systems into healthcare ecosystems of the future.


Change requires urgency, a vision, and a coalition of amazing individuals willing to help. We are fortunate to have many wonderful partners who are willing to Connect for Health and we are always looking for more. 


Together, we connect global healthcare for good.

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